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What is SEED? 

Our SEED (students engaging entrepreneurial discovery) Initiative  is an outdoor enrichment experience designed to inspire youth discovery and unlock life-long entrepreneurial ambition.

SEED Camps provide high school age youth (or rather, aspiring young entrepreneurs), the building blocks of entrepreneurial success and innovation.

During a 3-day/2-night or 5-day/4-night camp, the campers rotate through a variety of interactive discussions and hands-on stations.   SEED Camps are packed with programming ranging from realizing a dream, customer relationships, communicating with & without social media, product development & beta testing, conscious capitalism and a slew of fun recreational activities like hiking, low-rope and archery, not to mention nightly campfires.

Curated to perfection the workshops while entertaining and enlightening offer something more: meaningful bonding and networking.  As campers move through each memorable station, they meet new, extraordinary and successful people.    Coupled alongside practical education, campers are introduced to role-models who open up the realm of possibilities by connecting the dots between where they are now and business ownership.  Exposure to actual ownership is imperative to fostering entrepreneurship.  Typically youth don’t see enough examples outside of entertainment and sports industries.   The mentoring component of SEED Camp sends a strong message enabling campers to believe he/she can be a business owner too!

SEED Milestones

In 2012 TCC partners with ASU, Angel Entrepreneur and MAC6 to host the first youth entrepreneurship camp at TCC.

 In 2014 the 20/30 Club began their support of Tonto Creek CAMP as a $5,000 summer CAMP sponsor to introduce youth who had before had an opportunity to be exposed to entrepreneurship.

In 2016 the Phoenix 20/30 announced their intent to further support the dreams of underprivileged and inspired youth by creating and funding a six-week, post-camp leadership program.

In 2017 members of the 20/30 Club has established the Aspiring Youth Academy/Aspiring Youth Fund tax credit program to even further their efforts.

What is the Aspiring Youth Fund?

The Aspiring Youth Fund is a 501(c)(3) Qualifying Charitable Organization  eligible to accept donations under the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit program. This tax credit program allows you to sponsor, at no cost to you, underprivileged youth participation in programs designed to teach them how to become successful entrepreneurs and business owners. These programs are a partnership between the Phoenix 20-30, Children In Need Foundation, Tonto Creek CAMP and Arizona State University.

 What is Aspiring Youth Academy?

The Aspiring Youth Academy Initiative provides a continuum of dedicated resources, networks and education aimed to propel youth toward greater educational and personal achievement.  The program is designed to help youth discover their dreams, develop leadership & goal-setting skills and provide the building blocks of entrepreneurial and social innovation.

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