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As the catalyst for vibrant engagement, we leverage the outdoors to inspire youth to see possibility and opportunity in their lives.  TCC’s leadership program offers a blend of learning and growth, adventure and fun.  Through the use unique situations, purposeful activities and metaphors in adventure participants increase personal responsibility and hone in their own leadership style.  At the end of SOIL Camp, participants return confident and ready to apply their newfound leadership skills to life beyond Tonto Creek Camp.

During a SOIL Camp experience, professionally trained instructors lead participants through challenge course and adventure-based experiential learning activities as a vehicle for encouraging individual growth through personal discovery, diversity discovery, and discovery of the environment.


SOIL Camp provides participants the opportunity to lean about themselves through challenging group outdoor experiences such as:

  • facing and dealing with challenges with the help of others
  • working together to accomplish group goals
  • learning new skills, sharing personal feelings and values
  • having the opportunity to express individual talents
  • learning to be interdependent
  • becoming mindful to their own needs and the needs of others in the group
  • experiencing the beauty of nature

These experiences lead to the development of greater self confidence, respect for self and others, mutual trust, a sense of personal and group accomplishment, a sense of personal and group responsibility, a sense of the self as part of a larger community and the natural world.


Being outdoors serves as a foundation for personal and group discovery.  Participants learn how to hike comfortably and safely in the outdoors. The outdoors provides an educational environment that allows participants to develop a personal awareness and respect for the natural world and to become effective stewards of our Arizona environment.


Through a variety of experiential learning activities,  participants experience what an accepting diverse community is at its fullest potential—trust, friendship, cooperation, self-sacrifice, mutual respect, acceptance, learning and teaching. The unique framework of SOIL adventures enables participants to rely upon others and in turn be relied upon building trusting relationships that often last long beyond the camp. The shared responsibility fostered by the Outdoor Action experience allows for accomplishments beyond what can be attained by an individual. The mutual interdependency created especially in the wilderness environment, leads to the development of a strong, supportive community.

For more information contact:  Jamie Aiken at or (480) 442-7031.

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