Tonto Creek Camp

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Payson, AZ

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The Tonto Creek Camp staff and administrators are outstanding

and are committed to helping kids grow to be happy and healthy by providing such a wonderful place.

Todd Lehman
Kiss the Sky Pole Vaulters


Check out some of the summer camps we offered this year!

Know of a student who could use a getaway from all the bustle of the city? Send them to camp! Several days of endless fun and adventure in the great outdoors!

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Tonto Creek Camp, Payson, AZ

This camp is perfect for students who love being Outdoors, Sports, and Arts or Music!

Students can pick a path to follow during the camp. This camp provides endless fun and activities for campers!

Outdoor Adventure Camp

Camp Colley, Happy Jack, AZ

This camp is filled with true adventure! Campers will be able to actively participate in the following activities; horseback riding, kayaking, archery, mountain biking, hiking, and much more! The youth will build relationships, explore new adventures, and grow as an individual!

Imaginarium Entrepreneur Camp

Tonto Creek Camp, Payson, AZ

Let your imagination run wild with the thoughts of being an entrepreneur.

Campers will explore and learn all about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and leader. The possibilities are endless!

Campers will have plenty of time for adventure in the great outdoors and participate in a multitude of activities.

We Are A Family Adventure Camp

Camp Colley, Happy Jack, AZ

Bring your whole family on this adventure! This camp will bring you closer to your family while creating memories of a lifetime! Enjoy breathtaking scenery while playing games and bonding with one another. Some of the games and activities include horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, archery, mountain biking, arts and crafts, ceramics, volleyball, basketball, and much more! All ages are welcome.

My Summer Place Developing your Interest Camp

Camp Colley, Happy Jack, AZ

This camp allows campers to explore their interests through art, music, photography and much more! Campers will participate in five interest classes ultimately leading to an in-depth class of the camper’s favorite chosen class from the original five interests. During the last day of camp each camper will receive the resources to enable them to continue learning and developing their chosen activity and how to obtain the funds to participate. A camp experience that will create memories and experiences to follow you home!

Open to all youth in the foster care system.